Emily Bellhouse - glass artist

Photographs on Glass - Wall mounted artworks

Wall mounted landscape photographs (6 images each)

Detail of the landscape design


Wall mounted portrait photographs (6 images)



Detail of the portrait design

This contemporary handcrafted artwork is created using photographs that are permanently embedded onto the surface of a fused glass panel.

Different Designs

There are two options available.

a). 6 images (size 3.3 x 2.3cm each) in landscape orientation; Images either all colour or all black & white

b). 6 images (size 2.3 x 3.3cm each) in portrait orientation; images either all colour or all black & white


The background is a vibrant white glass with a veil of bubbles embedded within. This provides a striking backdrop for the individual glass frames that surround the images themselves. Whilst melted into the glass, each frame appears to float on its surface.


The glass frames are white with a light or dark grey surround.


Size & weight

The external size of the piece is 39cm x 8.5cm and it is 0.6 cm deep.  The weight of the overall piece is 0.5kg



The piece is easily hung on a single screw in the wall. It is positioned 1cm away from the wall by the wall fixing and spacer(s).


Information on the photographs to be provided

Orientation:  The images must be either ALL portrait or ALL landscape in orientation.


Format:  Photographs can be provided as either flat artwork (e.g. photographs or printed material), in digital format or a combination of the two. The digital images should be Jpeg or Tiff files, and the highest quality possible (a minimum of 300dpi at print size).


Colour:   The photographs can be given as either colour or black & white. You can choose to have the images as either all colour or all black & white for the final piece. If you would select the colour option then ALL of the images must be provided in colour.


Number:  It is advised to send 1-2 more images than required for your piece so that Emily can select the ones that work best together. If there are any “must have” images, please make a note on the order form so that Emily can ensure these are included.


All original items will be returned to you when the work is complete.


Text can be added to each photograph for an additional fee.



£95 each

The price includes
The scanning and manipulation of images provided by you, the design and creation of the piece, all materials and wall fixings.

The price does NOT include
The sourcing or purchasing of images, postage & packaging and installation.  A typical cost to packaging & send one framed piece by the Royal Mail special delivery service (within the UK) is £15.

The full amount is required prior to the work commencing.

Your piece would typically take 4 weeks to design & create (from receipt of the order, the payment and the source material). Timings may vary depending on any commitments at time of order and the size of the order.  Emily can provide an indication as to how long the piece will take prior to placing an order. An express service may be possible for an additional fee.

Important information to note

Where appropriate, it is the responsibility of the client to obtain permission for use (from the owner) of any materials provided. It will be assumed that this permission has been granted on receipt of the photographs.


Any digital images provided that are not of a high enough quality, will not be used and the artist will request a replacement.


Any material considered in conflict with the artist’s integrity (e.g. are inappropriate or obscene) will not be used. If a suitable replacement cannot be found, the artist has the right to refuse to continue with the work.


This is a handcrafted artwork rather than factory made article. Therefore there will be variations between pieces and artistic license applied to the design.

  • The images on the glass will be transparent and as a consequence they will not appear as bold as the original.
  • Due to the processes used, it is likely that the final colours of the images will vary from the original photograph.
  • As part of the design process Emily may crop and/or sharpened the images to ensure maximum impact is achieved for the piece.
  • Due to the nature of the material and techniques used, there may be bubbles and minor blemishes within the imagery and glass. The artist often has to remake the piece before she is happy with it and will not release it unless she feels it is of a high enough quality.

Timescales are given as an estimate. If there are any unforeseen events that may affect delivery times, Emily will inform you immediately.


To place an order or to discuss the details further, please contact Emily directly either by email or by telephone.



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