Emily Bellhouse - glass artist

Large Portraits - created using small pictures
Original image
Original image
Final piece
"Self portrait" (1 x 1 m)
Photographs of three generations of Emily's family, melted into the glass
Closeup detail
Detail of piece (each tile 2.5cm square)

Individual glass tileA black & white portrait created from hundreds of individually crafted tiles with your photos embedded within. When viewed close up the piece appears to be a composition of miniature images, and as the onlooker stands further away an overall picture suddenly materializes.

Over one thousand small glass tiles with images embedded within, mounted onto a clear acrylic panel. The overall piece captures the seductive tactile and reflective qualities of glass.

Emily has developed the process for embedding the images within the glass. The positioning of the tiles is done primarily by eye. This is done by placing a range of dark to light images to create the different tones required to make up the overall picture.

Overall size

1 x 1m square.


Other sizes/ profiles possible. Please contact Emily to discuss.

The piece can either be screwed directly onto the wall or framed for hanging from wall mounts.

Information on the photographs to be provided

Main image: The type of portrait image that works well as the large overall image is one that is close-up, with high contrast and not too much detail. Emily can advise you as to the suitability of any image.

Number of small images: A minimum of 30 original images are required.  The higher the number of images used, the better the definition of the overall picture. The Self Portrait piece above was created using 50 images.

It is advised to send 5-10 more images than required for your piece so that Emily can select the ones that work best together. If there are any “must have” images, please make a note on the order form so that Emily can ensure these are included.


Image content: Images provided should take into account the fact that Emily will be cropping each image into a square. Photographs containing lots of small detail may be lost when reduced to 2-2.5cm square. Bold, close up images work best.


Orientation:  The images provided can be in either orientation.


Format:  Photographs can be provided as either flat artwork (e.g. photographs or printed material), in digital format or a combination of the two. The digital images should be Jpeg or Tiff files, and the highest quality possible (a minimum of 300dpi at print size).


Colour:   The colour of the images in the final piece will be black & white. The photographs provided can be given as either colour, black & white or a mixture of the two.


All original items will be returned to you when the work is complete.


Prices start at £3,450 and are dependant on the number of images used to make up the portrait.

The price includes:
The manipulation of images provided by you, the design and creation of the piece, and all materials.

The price does NOT include:
Sourcing or purchasing images, photography, framing (see below), packaging, postage and installation.

Framing costs
The cost for a white box frame with a white backing board will be an additional £150

A 50% deposit will be required with the order and the remaining 50% on the delivery of the piece.

Your piece will take a minimum of 5 months to design & create (from receipt of the order, the deposit and the source material).  Timings may vary depending on any commitments at time of order and the size of the order.  Emily can provide an indication as to how long the piece will take prior to placing an order.

Important information to note

Where appropriate, it is the responsibility of the client to obtain permission for use (from the owner) of any materials provided. It will be assumed that this permission has been granted on receipt of the photographs.


Any digital images provided that are not of a high enough quality, will not be used and the artist will request a replacement.


Any material considered in conflict with the artist’s integrity (e.g. are inappropriate or obscene) will not be used. If a suitable replacement cannot be found, the artist has the right to refuse to continue with the work.


This is a handcrafted artwork rather than factory made article. Therefore there will be variations between pieces and artistic license applied to the design.

  • The images on the glass will be transparent and as a consequence they will not appear as bold as the original.
  • As part of the design process Emily may crop and/or sharpened the images to ensure maximum impact is achieved for the piece.
  • Due to the nature of the material and techniques used, there may be bubbles and minor blemishes within the imagery and glass. The artist often has to remake many of the tiles before she is happy with them and will not release the final piece unless she feels it is of a high enough quality.

Timescales are given as an estimate. If there are any unforeseen events that may affect delivery times, Emily will inform you immediately.


To place an order or to discuss the details further, please contact Emily directly either by email or by telephone.


Architectural and public art works
This work lends itself to larger-scale architectural and artworks within in the public arena.  Please contact Emily directly to discuss this further.

Large scale piece


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